Engine Building

Custom built engines for peak performance. APCycle.com provides premier engine building for all major motorcycle brands.

What type of riding do you do?

(Street, dirt, track, or trail?)

Do you race?

(What organizations, classes, placings?)

Where in the RPM range do you ride your bike?

(Low, Mid, High?)

What is your budget?

What do you expect from your engine build?

Only after our engine builders have a clear picture of what the customer wants and expects, will they go to work on that PURPOSE built Race Engine.

  • Attention to detail

  • Assembly and Tuning

Performance Engine Building

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What does it mean to have a high performance engine?

To us at Advanced Performance, it means having a purpose built engine to suit the needs of our customers.  From dirt to street, two wheels or four, we will work with you to maximize your performance through  our custom Performance Engine Building.

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High Performance for Everyone

The How

There are many ways to build a purpose built high performance engine. Perhaps a little added compression, maybe different camshafts, a big bore kit here, and a stroker crank there, all adds up to more horsepower and more torque. Maybe we’ll take it over the top with some oversized valves, in house port work, and lightened engine internals. The combinations are endless. Our engine builders have a combined 25 years of experience and will ensure you are satisfied with the results. Show us your purpose and we’ll use our knowledge and expertise to get you there.

Attention To Detail

It should go without saying that when trying to maximize performance, every little detail matters.  We pay attention to all the small things, because after all, they add up.  Every engine is disassembled and meticulously cleaned.  After proper cleaning it’s time to measure and inspect.  There are a lot of moving pieces inside an engine, and they all have to fit nicely with one another.  Every clearance is measured and calculated, and a complete parts list is created to freshen everything up to better than new condition.  It’s at this time when a complete estimate is created and our engine builder and customer discuss they best approach to freshening the engine and meeting the performance objectives.

Assembly and Tuning

After all the cylinders have been honed, rings have been sized, and valves have been lapped, the engine will begin its assembly process.  Our engine builders will pay particular attention to clearances during assembly.  Many engines will be assembled and disassembled several times to ensure proper fitment of cams, valves, pistons, etc.  Only after they are satisfied, will our engine builders install your new engine back in its home and begin the break-in and tuning process.  Whether it’s carbureted or fuel injected, Advanced Performance has you covered in terms of tuning.  Jetting, Dynojet Power Comanders, Harley Davidson Super Tuner/Race Tuner, or any other type of fuel injection mapping software, our tunes will dial in your custom built engine for peak performance.  Dyno tuning is always available.